Opus 1317

Little Praeludium in C (2018)

for Organ ("Do-organ"; Orgelkids project)

Erik Simmons, organ

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Duration: 2 min.

Dedication: in memoriam Gaël Liardon (1973–2018)

Publisher: free download

Little Praeludium in C (2018) was written for the “Do-organ” of the Orgelkids project, where students can assemble a working mechanical pipe organ from a kit within a short period of time as an educational endeavor. The resulting organ has two stops (4′, 2′) and a range of about two octaves (C3, D3-C5; 24 notes). This small praeludium was written to be playable on this small organ; however, it can of course be played on any larger organ as well. The piece is a brief stylus phantasticus piece with a contemporary modal language. It is dedicated in memory of the Swiss composer Gaël Liardon (1973–2018).

(Difficulty level: Upper Intermediate-Advanced Student or Professional)