Opus 1244

Leuchtende-Musik (2017)

for Baroque Trumpet and Organ

Duration: 4.5 min.

Dedication: for Evgeny Liatte and Hartmut Siebmanns

Commission: Commissioned by Hartmut Siebmanns

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Leuchtende-Musik (2017) for baroque trumpet and organ is dedicated to trumpeter Evgeny Liatte and organist Hartmut Siebmanns.

The title (“bright music”) refers to the musical character throughout. The bright tone color of the baroque trumpet reflected the way it was used by baroque composers in their own music and in what kind of movements the trumpet played. In this piece, the organ supplies an additional contemporary harmonic language that is not possible with the historical trumpet alone. Thus, the historically-modeled instrument is joined with the organ in a contemporary discourse.