Opus 1231

Hymns for Epistles, Series B (2017)

Hymn Tunes

Texts by Gracia Grindal

  • We Wait Behind the Veil for Light to Dawn (GRAYS; 10 4 7 D)
  • Let the Spirit Flow (HOLWORTHY; 5656)
  • Good News to You All This Christmas Morn (APLEY; 5656)
  • When the Father of All Light Has Spoken (CANADAY; 10 7 10 7)
  • Christ, Our Morning Star (GREENOUGH; 555555)
  • The Light Shines Through the Darkness (HOLLIS; 7676)
  • We Shall See Him As He Is (STOUGHTON; 77774)
  • To Speak of What We Cannot See (HURLBUT; 8684)
  • Now Is the Day of Salvation! (LIONEL; 8787; 4-part canon)
  • You Walked the Paths of Galilee (MOWER; CM)
  • The Holiness of God (MATTHEWS; 6644866)
  • The Stars That Wheel and Shine Above (PENNYPACKER; 88 88 66)
  • With Sun and Rain the Seed Appears (STRAUS; LM)
  • Behold the Man of Sorrows (THAYER; 7676)
  • Once I Was Baptized (WELD; 55555)

Commission: Commissioned by Wayne Leupold Editions, Inc.

Publisher: Wayne Leupold Editions, Inc. in "A Treasury of Faith, Epistles, Series B"

Performance materials available from the publisher.

These 15 hymn tunes were commissioned by Wayne Leupold Editions for texts by Gracia Grindal for publication in A Treasury of Faith: Lectionary Hymn Texts, Epistles, Series B. (The tunes for all other texts were written by Iteke Prins.)