Opus 1349

Hidden Aria (2020)

for Voice, Trumpet, and Piano (one performer)

Duration: indeterminate min.

Dedication: for Peter Nelson-King

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Hidden Aria (2020) for voice, trumpet, and piano (one performer) was written for Peter Nelson-King. The music’s unfolding is shaped heavily by the performer and requires a great deal of freedom.

In mid-March 2020, just as the pandemic was becoming serious in the USA, and despite the unideal timing, I executed a long-planned move. Instead of the original schedule of moving and then beginning several months of intense concert travel, I—like most everybody else—didn’t leave the house for weeks. Peter, also isolated at home, was streaming some online concerts of interesting repertoire. After watching a couple of them, I had the idea for a one-player multi-instrument piece for him. And so I wrote this first work in my new studio: very free music in which hints of the aria are fragmented between other objects.