Opus 611

Giant Colored Bird II (2005)

for Two Clarinets and Bassoon

Duration: 6 min.

Dedication: for Nicholas Batko, Christina Johnson, and Eric Goldman

Commission: Commissioned by Nicholas Batko

Publisher: Musik Fabrik

Performance materials available from the publisher.

Giant Colored Bird II (2005) for two clarinets and bassoon was commissioned by Nicholas Batko and is dedicated to him, Christina Johnson, and Eric Goldman.

The title refers to a vivid mental image of a large, brilliantly colored bird in the wild: both flying and unfurling its wings, while looking out over a beautiful landscape. Giant Colored Bird II is thus a joyous celebration of color and warmth.

The opening section is lyrical as each instrument in turn takes a solo role. This section dissolves into short cadenza-like passages for each instrument. The second section is vibrant: a lilting melody contrasts with driving figurations. The level of energy builds towards the conclusion.