Opus 1214

Concertino III (2017)

for Organ (opt. pedal)

  • Praeludium
  • Canzonetta
  • Jig

Erik Simmons, organ

Duration: 7.5 min.

Dedication: for Kevin Birch

Publisher: Zimbel Press/Subito Music Corp. in "Three Concertinos"

Performance materials available from the publisher.

Concertino III (2017) for organ is dedicated to Kevin Birch. Praeludium begins with a theme reminiscent of the quartal/quintal harmonic language of many Germanic organ works of the mid 20th century. The movement develops as a rondo. The lyric Canzonetta, marked “wistfully,” is based on a descending figure heard in the opening bar. The concluding Jig partakes fully of a Celtic-Appalachian folk spirit, bringing the piece to a joyous conclusion.

(This work is designed to be effective on even a small, one manual chamber organ. Varied registrations, multiple manuals, and optional pedal may be used as desired on larger organs.)