New Repertoire/Commissions

Works marked with an asterisk (*) were specifically written for, commissioned by, or dedicated to Carson Cooman. Other works listed were presented in world premiere performance or recording by Carson Cooman either as solo or ensemble performer.

Click here for a list of pieces in Carson’s Contemporary Chamber Organ Repertoire Project.


Thomas Åberg (Sweden) Toccata XIV* for organ (2013) YouTube
Published by Svensk Musik/SMIC
Toccata XVI* for organ (2016) YouTube
Published by Svensk Musik/SMIC
Angelic Meditation* for organ (2018)
Published by Svensk Musik/SMIC
Robert Allworth (Australia) A Dream of Decadence* for organ (2000)
Suite for Organ (St. Michael the Archangel)* (2001)
Organ Preludes for Saints and Martyrs* for organ (2001)
Arioso* for trumpet and organ (2002)
Published by Wehr’s Music House
An Oasis in Moonlight* for organ (2004)
Two Preludes for Organ* (2005)
Séance on a Wet Afternoon* for organ (2006)
David Arditti (England) Pomp and Circumstance for piano (2000)
Franklin D. Ashdown (USA) A Festive Litany for organ (1997)
Sonata da Chiesa* for organ (2012)
Published by Zimbel Press
An Organ Carol for Epiphany* for organ (2012)
Published by Augsburg Fortress
Sonata da Chiesa No. 2* for organ (2013) YouTube
Published by Zimbel Press
Praeludium* for organ (2014)
Published by Zimbel Press
Janice G. Augustus (USA) Sonatina for Violin and Piano (1998)
Prelude* for organ (1998)
Gary Bachlund (USA) Burdens and Fugues in D major* for organ (2012)
Contemplations* for organ (2013)
Exordium* for organ (2013)
Entrata* for organ (2021)
Keith Bajura (USA) Snowfall* for organ (2004)
Hans Bakker (Netherlands) Cantilena (From the Deep)* for organ (2021)
Derek Ball (Ireland) Autour du vestibule de la chambre de Sarah* for organ (2007/21)
Keith Barnard (England) Dedication — To the Ascended Master Light* for organ (2003)
The Highest Rays of Peach-Gold* for trumpet and organ (2003)
Published by Wehr’s Music House
The Universal Harmony of Light* for organ (2003) YouTube
The Crystal Cup of the Purest Light Energy* for organ and piano (2003)
The Purest Silence of the Divine* for organ (2004)
Organ Concerto: The Purest Rays of Peach-Ruby-Violet and Gold* for organ and strings (2004)
The Ascended Healing Rays of the Cosmic Light* for piano (2007)
The Purest Flame of the Heart* for piano, four-hands (2007)
The Cosmic Light of Infinity* for female chorus and strings (2010)
Ascension and Transformation* for mixed chorus and strings (2011)
The Temple of the Golden Flame* for 8 sopranos, 6 flutes, and orchestral violins (2012)
Symphony No. 6, “Cosmic Colour Flames of the Eternal Presence”* for female chorus, four flutes, four oboes, and strings (2012)
Symphony No. 7, “The Crystal Songs of Atlantis”* for strings (2012-13)
Symphony No. 8, “The Mystical Cosmos”* for solo soprano, six flutes, six oboes, three clarinets, three trumpets, and strings (2013)
John G. Barr (USA) Triptych* for organ (2016)
Published by Lorenz Publishing Co.
Hartwig Barte-Hanssen (Germany) Fantasia magica* for organ (2019)
Dennis Báthory-Kitsz (USA) Variations for piano (1972)
Published by Westleaf Edition
Yer Attention, Please* for organ (2005)
Published by Westleaf Edition
commissioned as part of DBK’s “365-Day Composition Project”:
cornubracchia* for trumpet and organ (2007/12)
Published by Westleaf Edition
Soundings* for organ (2007)
Published by Westleaf Edition
Full House Reset* for piano trio (2007)
Published by Westleaf Edition
Détentefor organ (2007)
Published by Westleaf Edition
Six Senses of Twilight* for organ and electronics (2007)
Published by Westleaf Edition
From the Mountainsfor organ (2007)
Published by Westleaf Edition
Loss of Innocencefor organ (2007)
Published by Westleaf Editio
Thirteen Triple Xfor piano (2007)
Published by Westleaf Edition
Peter’s Burrow (Prelude and Variations on “Peterborough”)for organ (2012)
Published by Westleaf Edition
King’s Highway (Prelude and Variations on “Jerusalem”)for organ (2012)
Published by Westleaf Edition
Betty Beath (Australia) Chorale* for organ (2001)
Published by the Australian Music Centre
Denis Bédard (Canada) Suite de concert* for organ (2006)
Published by Éditions Cheldar
Air* for trumpet and organ (2006)
Published by Éditions Cheldar
Fantasiafor organ (2012) YouTube
Published by Éditions Cheldar
Chromatic Voluntaryfor organ (2013) YouTube
Published by Éditions Cheldar
Contrastesfor organ (2017)
Published by Éditions Cheldar
Désolationfor organ (2021)
Published by Éditions Cheldar
Douglas Bell (England) False Relations* for organ (2011)
Published by Animus Music Publishing
(mvt. 1 is dedicated to Carson Cooman)
Chorale and Dance* for organ (2013) YouTube
Published by Animus Music Publishing
Pro organo molto piccolo* for organ (2013) YouTube
Published by Animus Music Publishing
Carson’s Tune* for organ (2016)
Lydian Fagot* for organ (2017)
Larry Bell (USA) Liturgical Suite* for organ (2004)
Published by Casa Rustica Publications
(in consortium with Richard Bunbury)
Poems* for trumpet and piano (2006)
Published by Casa Rustica Publications
Caprice No. 8, “Wayfaring Stranger”* for trumpet (2008)
Published by Casa Rustica Publications
Chorale Fantasy and Fugue* for organ (2021)
Published by Casa Rustica Publications
Prelude and Fugue in D major* for organ (2021)
Published by Casa Rustica Publications
Al Benner (USA) Ephesians 5:19* for piano (1999)
Published by Conners Publications
Praise* for organ (1999)
Published by Conners Publications
Into the Jungle* for piano (1999)
Published by Conners Publications
How Sweet the Sound* for organ (2001)
Published by Conners Publications
Fanfare* for organ and brass and/or string quartet (2002)
Published by Conners Publications
Paean* for trumpet and piano (2003)
Published by Conners Publications
Swing Low, Sweet Chariot* for keyboard (2003)
Published by Conners Publications
Prelude in C minor* for keyboard (2011)  YouTube
Published by Conners Publications
Lauren Bernofsky (USA) Know Peace Forever* for organ (2010)
Judith Bingham (England) Mountain Music* for organ (2017)
Published by Edition Peters
Peter Blauvelt (Germany/USA) Variations on “Gaudeamus Igitur” for piano (1981)
Toccatina* for piano (1999)
Four Preludes for Organ* (2000)
Proclamations* (2008) for trumpet and organ
Jean-Thierry Boisseau (France) Dialogue sur les pleins jeux (Conduit)* for organ (2001)
Published by Musik Fabrik
S.W.E.N.* for organ (portativ or small instrument) (2005)
Published by Musik Fabrik
Saarana* for organ (2005)
Published by Musik Fabrik
Le Jardin des Délices* for chamber ensemble (2005)
Published by Musik Fabrik
C3* for trumpet and organ (2005)
Published by Musik Fabrik
Petite Suite Liturgique* for organ (2005)
Published by Musik Fabrik
Concerto for Organ, Strings, and Percussion* for organ (2005)
Published by Musik Fabrik
Statuaire* for trumpet and organ (2006)
Published by Musik Fabrik
Luftzug* for organ (portativ or small instrument) (2006)
Published by Musik Fabrik
Let Nothing Ever Grieve You* for SATB choir and organ (2006)
Published by Musik Fabrik
Dante Boon (Netherlands) Nov. (3) (2006/21)
Published by Edition Wandelweiser
Wolfgang Bottenberg (Germany/Canada) Partita on “Lo, How a Rose”* for organ (1999)
Published by Conners Publications
When Morning Gilds the Sky (Preludio)* for organ (1999)
Published by Conners Publications
I Sing the Mighty Power of God* for organ (2002)
Published by Zimbel Press
Felix Bräuer (Germany) Ciacona in C* for organ (2017)
Preludio solenne (Fantasia)* for organ (2017)
Published by Verlag Daniel Kunert in “Liturgische Suiten für Orgel”
Aria (Consolation)* for organ (2017)
Published by Verlag Daniel Kunert in “Bräuer: Orgelwerke, Band 1”
Intrada (Trumpet Tune)* for organ (2017)
Fantasia über “Alma redemptoris mater”* for organ (2019)
Ciacona in F# minor* for organ (2020)
Published by Verlag Daniel Kunert in “Bräuer: Orgelwerke, Band 1”
Intermezzo (per il Gloria)* for organ (2020)
Published by Verlag Daniel Kunert in “Bräuer: Orgelwerke, Band 2”
Nocturne XI (“tempus fugit…”)* for piano (2021)
Rondo-Toccata in d* for organ (2021)
Variations on “Wondrous Love”* for organ (2021)
Meditation: “The Day, Thou Gavest” (St. Clement)* for organ (2022)
Scott Brickman (USA) 11 North* for organ (2003)
Matthew F. Burt (England) Fantasy* for organ (2003)
Suite* for organ (2004)
Sweet Is the Day* for SATB choir (2009)
Canary Burton (USA) In the Beginning* for organ (2012)
A Green and Yellow Basket* for organ (2014–15)
Michael Calabris (USA) Five Voluntaries* for organ (2020)
Published by SMP Press
December 1st* for organ (2020)
Published by SMP Press
Φως Ιλαρόν (Phos Hilaron)* for organ (2021)
Published by SMP Press
Sanctus* for unison choir and organ (2021)
Isopsephy* for piano (2021)
Fulvio Caldini (Italy) Paesaggi interiori (Marginalia No. 131)* for organ (2021)
Pastorale “Carson Cooman” (Marginalia No. 132)* for organ (2021)
Michael Canales (USA) The Feast at Cana* for organ (2014)
Sonata da Chiesa in C* for organ (2014)
Leonello Capodaglio (Italy) Tre Litanie a Santa Rita da Cascia (Set 2)*, op. 257 for organ (2016)
Published by Bardon Music
Leitmotiv*, op. 399 (2016)
Aris Carastathis (Greece) Aberration* for organ (2003)
John Carbon (USA) Autumn Landscapes* for organ (2003)
Published by JC Collections
Bess Houdini’s Vaudeville Act* for trumpet and piano (2004)
Published by Wehr’s Music House
Ghostly Flickerings* for piano (2005)
Published by JC Collections
Christian Carey (USA) Chanson Variations* for organ (2013)
Published by File Under Music
Fantasy on Rondeau Carol* for organ (2017)
Published by File Under Music
Richard Cerchia (USA) Toccata/Fantasy* for organ (2002)
Anthony Cheung (USA) Villanelle* for organ (2002)
Gian Paolo Chiti (Italy) Two Liturgical Pieces* for organ (2005)
Published by Musik Fabrik
Leonardo Ciampa (USA) Organ Symphony No. 7 in F minor* for organ (2013)
Deck the Halls* for organ (2014)
Yule* for organ (2015)
Robert Coates (England/Norway) London Preludes, Set 1* for organ (2022)
Grant Colburn (USA) Concerto II in D minor* for keyboard solo or keyboard and strings (2014)
Six Voluntaries for the Organ or Harpsichord* for keyboard solo (2015)
Ennio Cominetti (USA) Primo canto* for organ (2013)
Barry Conyngham (Australia) Organ* for organ (2001)
Published by CoEdition
David Cope (USA) Symphonic Movements* for organ and orchestra (1998-99)
l’éternité* (after Messiaen) for organ (2000) [with EMI]
Corona: a fantasy for organ* (after Cooman) (2001) [with EMI]
Benjamin Cornelius-Bates (USA) Fantasia primi toni* for organ (2015)
Published by Baetz Editions
Eric Craven (England) Sonata No. 8* for one or more keyboards (2013)
Barton Cummings (USA) Suite for Organ* (2001)
Suite for Trumpet and Piano* (2001)
Published by Solid Brass Music
Mike Cutler (Canada) Meditation on “Wondrous Love” (2017)
David P. Dahl (USA) Carson’s Chaconne* for organ (2014) YouTube
Published by Lorenz Publishing Co.
Jim Dalton (USA) Canonic Variations and Fugue on “Free at Last” for organ (2005)
…before knowledge of the physical Grove spines fades* for organ (2017)
Joseph Dangerfield (USA) MicroSuite* for organ (2010)
Peter Maxwell Davies (England) An Orkney Tune for piano (1998)
Published by Chester Music
Margaretha Christina de Jong (Netherlands) Lyric Suite, op. 84* for organ (2016)
Published by Lorenz Publishing Co.
Elizabeth Owens Dean (USA) Brief Fantasy* for organ (2014)
Chris Dench (Australia) compostela/finisterre* for organ (2005-06/2008-09)
(in consortium with Andrew Blackburn and Kevin Bowyer)
Paula Diehl (USA) Unguarded Moments for organ (1986)
Sidelights for organ (1988)
Very Time for organ (1988, rev. 2012)
Dove for organ (2001)
Gusts for organ (2004) YouTube
Music Informs* for trumpet and organ (2011)
To the Contrary* for organ (2012) YouTube
Hearings* for organ (2012) YouTube
Next Day* for organ (2013)
Along the Way* for organ (2014) YouTube
Invitation* for organ (2014)
In Passing* for organ (2014)
Emma Lou Diemer (USA) Deliger den Himmel Blaa* for organ (1999)
Published by Conners Publications
Variations on “Coatue”* for organ (2001)
Published by Zimbel Press
Aria for organ (2002)
Published by Zimbel Press
Ragtime* for organ pedals (2002)
Published by Zimbel Press
Waltz* for trumpet and organ (2004)
Time Pieces* for trumpet and organ (2009)
Published by Zimbel Press
Triptych* for organ (2013)
Published by Zimbel Press
John S. Dixon (England/USA) Chanson de Carson* for organ (2000)
Musica Divina* for organ (2001)
Arioso* for organ (2003)
Published by Zimbel Press
Darwall’s Fantasia* for organ (2014) YouTube
Andrew Downes (England) Introduction and Allegro* for organ (2007)
Published by Lynwood Music
Rihards Dubra (Latvia) Toccata* for organ (2012)
Melissa Dunphy (USA) Two Preludes for Organ* (2019)
Robert Ehle (USA) Petroglyphic Fantasy and Fugue* for organ (2005)
Robert Ehrhardt (USA) Variants on the Hymn Tune “Pisgah”* for organ (2001)
Published by Zimbel Press
Jan Elgarøy (Norway) To korte preludier* for organ (2017)
Paul A. Epstein (USA) Displacements for keyboard (2014) YouTube
Night Piece 2 for organ (2016) YouTube
Changes 3: Palindromes for organ (1977/1994/2016) YouTube
Drawing No. 8* for organ (2016) YouTube
Isoryhthms* for organ (2017) YouTube
Threes and Twos* for organ (2017) YouTube
Prime Times 5 for organ (2017) YouTube
Prime Times 5 Again* for organ (2018) YouTube
Drawing The Great Valley* for organ (2019) YouTube
Sevens for Organ* (2019) YouTube
Light and Shadow* (2020)
Prime Times 6* for organ (2020)
Reflections* for organ (2021)
Pozzi Escot (USA) Mirabilis IV* for organ (2006)
Published by Publication Contact International
Alfred V. Fedak (USA) Variations on a Ground* for organ (2001)
Published by Selah Publishing Co.
Hymn: Blessed Be the Holy Sacrament for organ (2003)
Published by Zimbel Press
What Boundless Love* for SATB choir and organ (2004)
Published by Selah Publishing Co.
Triptych for Trumpet and Organ* (2007)
Published by Selah Publishing Co.
Tracy Fennell (USA) The Cairn* for organ (2003)
Published by Kallisti Music Press
Frank Ferko (USA) Missa O Ecclesia: Communion for organ (1994)
Published by ECS Publishing
Carlotta Ferrari (Italy) Anna Frank (Poema sinfonico)* for organ (2014, rev. 2016)
Preludio, fuga e tarantella* for organ (2015) YouTube
Tiento de falsas* for organ (2015) YouTube
Concertino per organo solo* (2015)
Danze all’antica per strumento a tastiera for keyboard (2016)
Preludio, cavatina e saltarello* for organ (2016)
Ricercata sopra le trasposizioni lidie* for organ (2016)
Toccata e fuga sulle trasposizioni frigie* for organ (2016)
Toccata phantastica super transpositionem ionicam* for organ (2016)
Florilegium modalis* for organ (2016)
Triptych of Peace* for organ (2016)  YouTube
Trittico sulle trasposizioni misolidie* for organ (2016)
O ignis Spiritus paracliti — Fantasia per organo* for organ (2016)
Introduzione e passacaglia RPS* for organ (2016)
Monodie per organo* (2016)
Obra de júbilo* for organ (2016)
Berceuse pour l’enfant Jésus* for organ (2016)
Innario RPS con preludi all’organo* for chorus and organ (2016)
Canones retrogradi functionales for organ (2016)
Lady Frankenstein (Poema sinfonico) for organ (2016)
Introduzione, aria e doppia fuga su un tema di Cabanilles* for organ (2016)
Introduzione e fuga su un tema di Carson Cooman* for organ (2016)
Introduzione e fuga su un tema di Perosi for organ (2016)
Introduzione e fuga su un tema originale* for organ (2016)
Introduzione fuga e corale su un tema di Arriaga for organ (2016)
Three Trumpet Tunes* for organ (2016)
Ceremonial Suite* for organ (2016)
Tre preludi e fughe RPS* for organ (2016)
Corali RPS for organ (2016)
Mixolydian Ginger Prelude & Fugue for organ (2016)
Flötenuhrkompositionen* for keyboard (2016)
Historia Gullielmæ (Poema sinfonico) (2016) for organ
Ricercari pro diebus hebdomadis* (2016) for organ
Quasi Stellar (2016) for organ
Paolo della Croce (Poema sinfonico) (2016) for organ
Lyrica lacrymosa (2016) for organ
Pastorali RPS (2016) for organ
Benedictus (Rapsodia per organo dopo il terremoto di Norcia) (2016) for organ
Larghetto per organo (2016) for organ
Ciaccona e fuga sul nome di Gesualdo (2016) for organ
Fantasia sopra Pon amor* (2016) for organ
Drone Triptych* (2016) for organ
Rapsodie a colori* (2016) for organ
Entrée solennelle (2016) for organ
Communio (2016) for organ
Litanie (2016) for organ
Imitatio (Poema sinfonico)* (2016) for organ
Onda mistica (2016) for organ
Intonazione per i Canti dell’imitazione di Cristo (2016) for organ
Toccatina RPS (2016) for organ
La veglia (2016) for organ
Licht Leben Lieben (2016) for organ
Campanarium (2016) for organ
Domine mecum (2016) for organ
Sound the Trumpet (2016) for organ
Elevazioni RPS (2016) for organ
Suite nella forma di tre pastorali* (2017) for organ
Tre passacaglie RPS* (2017) for organ
Hypnos (Passagalia per organo)* (2017)
Sul mare di nebbia (2017) for organ
Yankee Doodle Variations* (2017) for organ
Più non vi leggemmo avante (2017) for organ
Die Weiße Rose (2017) for organ
L’isola dei morti (2017) for organ
L’isola dei vivi (2017) for organ
Trittico sulle trasposizioni dominanti-lidie* for organ (2017)
Organo a tenore for organ (2017)
Viva la vida for organ (2017)
Consacrazione for organ (2017)
Rapita da Dio* for organ (2017)
Maria Maddalena de’ Pazzi (Poema sinfonico)* for organ (2017)
Golgotha for organ (2017)
Sanguis Christi for organ (2017)
Ma vocation c’est l’Amour (Rapsodia per organo for organ (2017)
Il bacio di Hayez* for organ (2017)
Nightmare (da Füssli) for organ (2017)
Toccata italiana for organ (2017)
Teofania for organ (2017)
Mysterium for organ (2017)
Capriccio del cucù for organ (2017)
Preludio, aria e fuga “in minimis” for organ (2017)
Meditazione e fuga for organ (2017)
Preludio e fuga in modo lidio* for organ (2017)
Bhavapriya Prelude and Fugue* for organ (2017)
Fanfare RPS* for organ (2017)
Suite in modo lidio* for organ (2017)
Bela Lugosi for organ (2017)
Pasacalle vasco for organ (2017)
La Maraviglie d’Arcimboldo for organ (2017)
Ostinato RPS for organ (2017)
Toccata lidia* for organ (2018)
Sinfonia mediterranea for organ (2018)
Toccata brevis* for organ (2018)
Toccata, fuga e tarantella* for organ (2018)
Wondrous Love Fantasy Sonata* for organ (2018)
Pūrvi Prelude* for organ (2018)
Die Gerippe spielen zum Tanz (Totentanz)* for organ (2019)
Passacaglia palindromica* for organ (2019)
Fantasia e fuga sul nome di Pachelbel* for organ (2019)
Gerusalemme terrestre* for organ (2019)
Williamsburg Voluntary* for organ (2019)
La conversione di Saulo* for organ (2020)
Greensleeves Tango* for organ (2020)
Preludio e mottetto sul nome di Josquin* for organ (2021)
Fantasia sul nome di Praetorius* for organ (2021)
Suite partenopea* for Indian harmonium (2021)
César Franck rechargé* for organ (2022)
Companions* for organ (2022)
Michael Finnissy (England) Sing to me of Heaven* for organ (2007)
Adrian Vernon Fish (England) Qavaat* for organ (1991, rev. 2014)
Alan Fletcher (USA) Carnegie Fanfare* for organ (2005)
Michael Fontana (USA) Partita on “In the Bleak Midwinter”* for organ (2018)
Frederick Frahm (USA) Dickinson Landscape* for piano (1998)
The Conflict of Convictions: Toccata for Organ* (2001)
Paean Regalis* for handbell choir (2003)
Alleluias* for handbell choir (2005)
Tse Bi dahi (Shiprock)* for organ (2006)
The Wind and the Sea* for voice and piano (2006)
Sonata d’Église* for organ (2010)
Arcángeles* for trumpet and organ (2011)
In Winter Woods* for organ (2019)
Jemez Chapel* for organ (2019)
Canticum de Anima* for organ (2021)
Mark Francis (USA) Krummholz for organ (2000-01)
Mark Fromm (USA) Fromme Hildegard* for organ (2007)
Christopher Frye (USA) Partita on “What Wondrous Love”* for organ (1999)
Published by CP Press Publications
Francesco Gabellieri (Italy) Preludio super “Aus tiefer not schrei’ ich zu dir”* (2019)
Rhapsody “en noir”* (2019)
Nancy Galbraith (USA) In Unity and Love* for organ (1997)
Published by Subito Music Publishing
Prelude and Fugue* for organ (2004)
Published by Subito Music Publishing
Jack Gallagher (USA) Malambo-Hommage* for piano (2000)
Kyle Gann (USA) The Light Summer Land* (2010) for string quartet
Summer Serenade* for organ (2014) YouTube
Peter Garland (USA) Plain Songs: “Love Comes Quietly” (after Robert Creeley)* (2019) for organ
Daniel E. Gawthrop (USA) Sketchbook IV* (2004) for organ
Published by Dunstan House
Sandra Gay (USA) Two Miniatures for Organ* (2000)
Vigil* for organ (2000)
Published by Zimbel Press
With Shouts of Loud Praise* for organ duet (2000)
Moto Perpetuo With Basse Bouffe* for organ (2000)
Concerto for Organ and Chamber Orchestra* (2000)
Pedal Patter* for organ pedals (2000)
Published by Zimbel Press
Renaissance Revisited for krummhorn and organ (2000)
Published by Wehr’s Music House
A Host of Angels* for organ (2001)
Published by Zimbel Press
Of Creatures and Men* for piano (2001)
Three Trumpetings* for trumpet and piano (2001)
Published by Wehr’s Music House
In God’s Image* for organ (2001)
Published by Zimbel Press
Fanfare for Tuba* (2001)
Published by Wehr’s Music House
Three Preludes on Advent Hymns* for organ (2001)
Published by Zimbel Press
To Warm the Earth and Give It Light* for organ (2001)
Published by Zimbel Press
Radiance* for trumpet and organ (2001)
Published by Wehr’s Music House
Partita on “Siasconset”* for organ (2001)
Published by Zimbel Press
Zampogna for organ (2002)
Published by Zimbel Press
Variations on “Seilou”* for piano (2002)
Festal Flourish* for organ and brass ensemble (2002)
Published by Wehr’s Music House
Spiritus Anni* for organ (2003)
Published by Zimbel Press
What Song Can We Sing?* for soprano, oboe, and organ (2003)
In the Unity of Spirit* for trumpet and organ (2003)
Published by Wehr’s Music House
This is a Light Year* from Songs of Light and Hope for voice and piano (2003)
Cambridge Caprice* for organ (2004)
Published by Zimbel Press
Fanfare March* for organ (2004)
Published by Zimbel Press
Suite 1595* for keyboard (2005)
Variations on “Coventry Carol”* for organ (2005)
Published by Darcey Press
Chelys* for piano (2006)
Music for String Quartet* (2007)
Spring Dance* for trumpet and organ (2011)
Sentiments* for organ (2013)
Published by Zimbel Press


Nigel Gaze (England) Sonatina* for organ (2014)
Published by
Songs without Words* for organ (2014)
Published by
Xavier Gelabert (Spain) Quatre offertoires sur des chants grégoriens, Vol. 2* for organ (2020)
Published by Donemus
Ludo Geloen (Belgium) Fractions, op. 132* for organ (2020)
Bernd Genz (Germany) Introduktion und Fuge* for organ (2020)
Published by Edition Dohr
Praeludium und Fuge Nr. 3* for organ (2020)
Published by Edition Dohr
Peter Gilbert (USA) Exultation for organ (2001)
Philip Goddard (England) The Unknown* for tuba and organ (1999)
Published by Musik Fabrik
The Great Wilderness* for organ (2000)
Published by Musik Fabrik
Tune In a Stained Glass Window for organ (1995, 2000)
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Awake the Dawn* for trumpet and piano (2003) YouTube
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…of all nations, and kindreds, and people, and tongues… (Organ Concerto)* for organ and orchestra (2005)
…and there was no more sea* for piano (2005)
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Published by the Sorabji Archive
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3 trios* (2018)
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abhanden (méditations sur l’orgue 3)* (2021)
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abhanden (méditations sur l’orgue 5.1)* (2021)
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abhanden (méditations sur l’orgue 5.2)* (2021)
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abhanden (méditations sur l’orgue 7)* (2022)
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Published on Gumroad
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next* for organ (2001)
eleven* for organ (2009)
tractus* for organ (2009)
signum* for organ (2009)
from a quiet state* for organ (2009)
what is seen* for organ (2009)
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God of Our Fathers* for organ (2018)
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Dark Times* for organ (2020)
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Rondeau del Cucù* (2017)
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Trio on “Old MacDonald Had a Farm”* (2017)
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Tuba Tune* (2017)
The Organ Season* (2017)
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(as part of the Spindrift Commissioning Guild)
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(as part of the Spindrift Commissioning Guild)
Quinteto sobre los Poemas de Carlos pintado for mixed quintet (2008)
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(mvt. 7 is dedicated to Carson Cooman)
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Preludio pro Organo Pleno* for organ (2018)
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Sonata V* for organ (2019)
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Zimbel Press
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(mvts. 2 and 3 are dedicated to Carson Cooman)
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Lections* for organ (2005)
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(mvt. 6 is dedicated to Carson Cooman)
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Italian Suite* for organ (2013)
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Symphony No. 1* for organ (1998)
Imaginations* for piano (1999)
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Et in Terra Pax (Hymn for Hovhaness)* for organ (2000)
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My Quiddity* for organ (1999)
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Published by Donemus
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Appalachian Lord’s Prayer* for SATB choir (2010)
The Harvard Motets* (40 pieces) for 2-part voices (2010)
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Grace* for two choirs (2013)
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Organbook III* for organ (1998)
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The Modal Piano* for piano (2022)
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Published by Oxford University Press
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Friends and Influences* for piano (1999)
Aspects of Arrival* for organ (2004)
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Published by Jazzmuze, Inc.
This Little Light* for organ (2009)
Published by Jazzmuze, Inc.
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Divine Love* for SATB choir (2013)
Psalm 16* for SSATB choir (2013)
Psalm 114* for SSAATB choir (2014)
Psalm 119* for SATB choir (2018)
Psalm 144* for SATB choir (2018)
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Fusions* for organ (2016)
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Published by Hope Publishing in “The Essential Collection of Psalm Impressions”
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Music of the Universe* for piano (2010)
Let the Life I’ve Lived Speak for Me* for chorus (2016)
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Published by Musik Fabrik
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Published by Musik Fabrik
Nara* for trumpet and organ (2005)
Published by Musik Fabrik
Vacation Snapshots* for trumpet and piano (2005)
Published by Musik Fabrik
Carillon Prelude* for piano (2009)
Published by Musik Fabrik
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A Second Light* for organ (2010)
Published by Selah Publishing Co.
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Prelude and Fugue for Carson Cooman* for organ (2013)
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Six Praeludia, Set 2, op. 461* for organ (2014)
Carlton Wilkinson (USA) Lazarus* for piano (1999) from The Sacred Preludes
Andreas Willscher (Germany) Organ Symphony No. 19, “Hallelujahs” for organ (2017)
Organ Symphony No. 20, “Laetare”* for organ (2017)
Rhapsodie 13 (über französische Weihnachtslieder)* for organ (2017)
“Rhapsodie” from Organ Symphony No. 27, “Die Jiddische”* for organ (2018)
Theodore Wiprud (USA) Fantasy Variation on a Hussite Hymn* for organ (2003)
Improvisation on a Hymn Tune by Jan Hus* for organ (2003)
James Woodman (USA) Church Sonata III* for organ (2007)
Four Versets and a Canzona (Mixolydian)* for organ (2015) YouTube
Three Morning Preludes for organ (2015)
James Yannatos (USA) Prelude and Toccata* for organ (2001)
Published by Sonory Publications
Carlton R. Young (USA) Four Voluntaries on Gospel Hymns* for organ (2004)
Published by Augsburg Fortress
Adagio for Organ* (2004)
Published by Zimbel Press
Man-Ching (Donald) Yu (Hong Kong) Recalling from Dream* for trumpet and piano (2005)
Published by Wehr’s Music House
Toccata fantastique* for organ (2006)
Published by Zimbel Press
Meditation* for organ (2006)
Published by Zimbel Press
Mystical Aria* for organ (2006)
Published by Zimbel Press
Our Father* for SATB choir (2006)
Published by Zimbel Press
Twelve Preludes for Organ* (2006)
Sonata, “Echo I”* for oboe (2006)
Frankenstein* for cello and organ (2006)
In Memoriam J. S. Bach* for harpsichord (2006)
O virtus Sapientiae* for SATB choir (2007)
Published by Zimbel Press
Three Characteristic Pieces* for piano duet (2007)
Nebula* for organ and chamber orchestra (2007)
Oculus non vidit* for SATB choir (2009)
Published by Zimbel Press
Revelation Fantasy* for chamber organ (2010)
Divertimento: Chromatic Fantasy* for organ (2013)
I Call on You, O God* for 2-part voices (2014)
Luigi Zaninelli (USA) Four Sanctuary Songs for organ (2011)
Published by C. Alan Publications
Toccata Espressiva* for organ (2012)
Published by C. Alan Publications
Mark Zuckerman (USA) Here to Sing!* for organ (2001)
S’lichah* for organ (2004)
Published by Zimbel Press