Piano Works

Op. 1064Prelude, Fughetta, and Allegro (2014) for Keyboard
Op. 1145Preludio gioioso (2016) for Piano
Op. 1014Ricercari (2013) for Keyboard
Op. 1128Rondeau Carol (2015) for Piano
Op. 1122Rondo estatico (2015) for Keyboard
Op. 1398Seams Like Fabric (2021) for Piano
Op. 466Seascape Passion: Midday Brightness (Third Piano Sonata) (2002) for Piano
Op. 892Sonatina for Toy Piano (2010) for Toy Piano
Op. 20Suite for Children (1995) for Piano (young performers)
Op. 996Suite for Jay (2012) for Piano
Op. 720Summer Solstice (2007) for Piano
Op. 826The Better Part of Forever (2009) for Mechanical Piano
Op. 1402The Shadow House (2021) for Piano
Op. 825Three Canons for Mechanical Piano (2009) for Mechanical Piano
Op. 47Toccata (1997) for Two Pianos
Op. 1063Toccata sequenziale sopra “ut re mi fa” (2014) for Keyboard
Op. 824Triadic Legends (2009) for Mechanical Piano
Op. 149Triptych (1999) for Piano Duet (one piano, four hands)
Op. 1361Troparion (2020) for Piano
Op. 1395Twilight Poems (2021) for Piano
Op. 1401Watch This Drive (2021) for Piano
Op. 712Winter Sonatina (2007) for Piano
Op. 935Yizkor (2011) for Piano