Organ Volumes

From 1999–2016, Carson Cooman’s organ music was published primarily by Leupold Editions. Many works are available collected in volumes.

Organ Music, Vol. I is available.
Organ Music, Vol. II is available. (ERRATA LIST – important)
Organ Music, Vol. III is the pedagogical work A Hiker’s Gear
Organ Music, Vol. IV is the pedagogical work The Transportation Age
Organ Music, Vol. V is available. (ERRATA LIST)
Organ Music, Vol. VI is available. (ERRATA LIST)
Organ Music, Vol. VII is available.
Organ Music, Vol. VIII (“Piccoli fiori musicali”) is available.
Organ Music, Vol. IX is available. (ERRATA LIST)
Organ Music, Vol. X is available.

Other works and volumes (and all publications released since 2016) are available from various publishers. Specific publication information is listed on the page for each work.

Many organ publications from after 2016 are available from Zimbel Press/Subito Music Corp.

Organ Works

Op. 1049Sonatina No. 3 (2014) for Organ (opt. pedal)
Op. 1234Sonatina No. 4 (2017) for Organ
Op. 1276Sonatina No. 5 (2018) for Organ
Op. 1328Spire (2019) Mosaic for Organ
Op. 1120St. Michael Antiphonies (2015) for Organ
Op. 1306Starfield (2018) Three Meditations for Organ
Op. 894Suite Breve (2010) for Organ
Op. 1289Suite circulaire (2018) for Organ
Op. 1246Suite in F (2017) for Organ
Op. 1247Suite in G (2017) for Organ
Op. 255Sunburst (2001) for Organ
Op. 1038Symphony for Organ (2013) for Organ
Op. 1118Tambourin (2015) for Organ
Op. 224Tarantella Demente (2000) for Organ Duet (four hands, four feet)
Op. 330Tenebrae Canticle (2001) for Organ
Op. 1211The Cloak with the Stars (2017) for Organ
Op. 1313The Forest for the Trees (2018) for Organ
Op. 1330The Lighthouses (2019) for Organ
Op. 562The Transportation Age (2004) for Organ and Opt. Narrator
Op. 214This Life-Long Gift of Praise (2000) for Organ
Op. 1230Three Autumn Sketches after a Watercolor by Maria Willscher (2017) for Organ
Op. 170Three Chorale Preludes (1999) for Organ
Op. 1293Three Christmas Intonations (2018) for Trumpet and Organ
Op. 1110Three Enigmas (2015) for Organ (manuals only)
Op. 1165Three Pastorales on a German Carol (2016) for Organ
Op. 1079Three Renaissance Dances (2014) for Keyboard
Op. 1232Three Sound-Poems after Paintings by Andreas Willscher (2017) for Organ
Op. 1208Three St. Francis Legends (2017) for Organ
Op. 117Three Voluntaries (1999) for Organ
Op. 1035Tiento (2013) for Organ (manuals only)
Op. 1292Tiento de batalla (2018) for Organ (opt. pedal)
Op. 1261Tiento de falsas (2018) for Organ
Op. 1334Tiento mixolítico (2019) for Organ
Op. 921Toccata Festiva (2011) for Organ
Op. 1269Toccata in A (2018) for Organ
Op. 1270Toccata in C (2018) for Organ
Op. 1299Toccata in E (2018) for Organ
Op. 211Toccata on “Lasst uns erfreuen” (2000, rev. 2017) for Organ
Op. 635Toccata on a Yoruba Hymn (2005) for Organ
Op. 1063Toccata sequenziale sopra “ut re mi fa” (2014) for Keyboard
Op. 741Toccata-Fantasy on a Medieval Welsh Carol (2007) for Organ
Op. 1076Toccata-Rondo (2014) for Organ
Op. 1184Toccata, Aria, and Finale (2017) for Organ
Op. 708Toccata: Homage to Buxtehude (2007) for Organ
Op. 1240Trilogy on B-A-C-H (2017) for Organ
Op. 144Trinity Matins (1999) for Organ
Op. 552Trio: in memoriam Dirk Flentrop (2004) for Organ
Op. 1236Triptych in honorem Gustav Willscher (2017) for Organ
Op. 1190Triptych on a Sorbian Carol (2017) for Organ
Op. 879Trumpet Tune (2010) for Organ