List of Works

Op. 1042The Choir Invisible (2013) for SATB Chorus and Piano
Op. 1041Canto e Fugato (2013) for Organ (manuals only)
Op. 1040Arioso (2013) for Organ (opt. pedal)
Op. 1039Cantilena (2013) for Piano
Op. 1038Symphony for Organ (2013) for Organ
Op. 1037An Heavenly Song (2013) for TB Voices and Organ
Op. 1036Hymnus (2013) for Organ (opt. pedal)
Op. 1035Tiento (2013) for Organ (manuals only)
Op. 1034Cantus III (2013) for Piano
Op. 1033A Blue Star (2013) for SSAA Voices Unaccompanied
Op. 1032Canzona III (2013) for Organ (opt. pedal)
Op. 1031Sourdough Serenade (2013) for Trumpet and Glockenspiel
Op. 1030King of Glory, King of Peace (2013) for SATB Chorus and Organ
Op. 1029Drone Mass (2013) for Voice and Organ
Op. 1028Prelude and Fugue No. 9 (2013) for Organ
Op. 1027Prelude and Fugue No. 8 (2013) for Organ (opt. pedal)
Op. 1026Prelude and Fugue No. 7 (2013) for Organ (manuals only)
Op. 1025Prelude and Fugue No. 6 (2013) for Organ (manuals only)
Op. 1024Prelude and Fugue No. 5 (2013) for Organ (opt. pedal)
Op. 1023Prelude and Fugue No. 4 (2013) for Organ (opt. pedal)
Op. 1022Prelude and Fugue No. 3 (2013) for Organ (manuals only)
Op. 1021Prelude and Fugue No. 2 (2013) for Organ
Op. 1020Folk Prelude on “Azmon” (2013) for Organ
Op. 1019Two from the British Isles (2013) for Organ
Op. 1018Witnesses to Love (2013) for SATB Chorus Unaccompanied
Op. 1016Sonatina No. 2 (2013) for Organ (opt. pedal)
Op. 1015Plaint (2013) for Organ
Op. 1014Ricercari (2013) for Keyboard
Op. 1013Solstice Sonata (2013) for Trumpet and Organ
Op. 1012From Your Heart (2013) for 4-part Canon
Op. 1011Prayer of St. Ambrose (2003) for Alto Saxophone and Organ
Op. 1010Sinfonia Concertante (2013) for Solo Violin and String Orchestra
Op. 1009Folk Fantasies (2005/13) for Solo Violin, Percussion, and String Orchestra
Op. 1008One Word (2013) for 3-part Canon
Op. 1007Diptych (2013) for Organ
Op. 1006Fanfare for a Duchess at St. Andrew’s (2013) for Organ
Op. 1005An Organ Monkey Jig (2013) for Organ
Op. 1004Prélude à la mémoire de Jean Langlais (2013) for Organ
Op. 1003Joysong (2013) for Organ
Op. 1002Preludio on a Swedish Tune (2013) for Organ
Op. 1000Flax-Golden Tales (2013) for Storyteller and Chamber Orchestra
Op. 999Shadowbook (Three Songs in the Night) (2013) for Clarinet, Tuba, Piano
Op. 998Quidnet Morning Loop (2013) for Any Combination of Instruments
Op. 997Easter Day (2013) for SATB Chorus and Organ
Op. 996Suite for Jay (2012) for Piano
Op. 995The Peach Blossom’s Shadow (2013) Musical for Children
Op. 994Lilac Jubilee (2012) for Orchestra
Op. 993Ricercare on Two Czech Hymns (2012) for Organ
Op. 992Litany (2012) for Organ
Op. 991Sonatina No. 1 (2012) for Organ